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Banking and Ancillary Solutions for Cannabis and High-Risk Merchants

Free Banking Referral Service

As a high-risk business, you probably know the struggle of opening and keeping a checking account. Don’t resort to paying a middle-man. Work directly with a GBS partner bank who can set you up with a fully functional business checking account. Integrate your GBS payment solutions with your account and multiply your revenue by reducing your reliance on cash-only transactions. Our Banking Referral Service is entirely FREE, so book a consultation today!

Our Solutions


Credit and Debit Processing

Did you know that accepting credit and debit card payments can increase your sales by up to 40%? That’s typically more than enough to pay for your advertising, payment processing solutions, and more!

Our payment processors deliver your funds within 72 hours. You’ll also have 24/7 access to dedicated GBS support personnel. Get a payment solution that’s as easy as it is reliable and profitable.


PIN Debit Processing

Compliant PIN Debit merchant accounts dramatically increase sales. Your customers can now pay just like they do at any other store with their bank debit card. WITH NO ROUNDING UP and fast daily funding.


ACH Payment Processing

Subscription products and services have become one of the most profitable payment models the economic world has ever seen, especially since the mass transition to digital platforms and storefronts.

Enabling bank direct payments for your business will create a virtually instant increase in your customer retention and your customer lifetime value. Don’t miss out on this vital revenue channel.

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Crypto Payment Processing

More and more consumers worldwide are investing in crypto, stocking up on one of the few currencies that is expected to continue gaining value for the foreseeable future. If you’re not taking crypto payments, let’s fix that.

Our cryptocurrency payment processing solutions will allow your customers to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all of the best crypto coins on the market today. You’ll receive payments in your virtual business wallet.


Cannabis Seed Payment Processing

Even though the cultivation and sale of cannabis seeds is perfectly legal, many seed banks and cannabis seed producers who rely on accepting credit cards are unable to do so because they keep getting shut down because their account provider didn’t work in full transparency with the acquiring bank. Most banks have an issue with cannabis seeds so we spent the time to work with banks to make sure we are fully approved to bring cannabis seed merchant accounts to them and for reasonable pricing!

Cannabis Testing Labs Payment Processing

Accept credit cards for less cost and directly from banks that have reviewed and approved Cannabis Testing Labs Accounts.

Run a cannabis testing lab and taking payments in cash? Do you accept credit cards through a merchant services provider that doesn’t know you’re involved with cannabis? Most of the labs we talk to use Stripe or Paypal or Venmo, all of which don’t allow such business to be processed on their platforms.  Others are stuck dealing in all cash.


Cannabis Lending

It takes money to make money. You need capital to give your business a healthy start, and you need financing to expand to new locations, new services, and new markets that will grow your audience and revenue.

We work exclusively with high-risk businesses, so we know how to find agreeable terms with reasonable qualification standards for a young company. In most cases, you can get funding in as little as two business days.


Payroll, Benefits, Workers' Comp

Comprehensive payroll suite that enables efficient and swift processing and ensures full transparency for your cannabis-related business. Connect with the right partners and get the resources you need to boost the success of your cannabis-related business. 

Our HR Management Platform: the ideal solution for your growing business. Mitigate risks and meet requirements with our carefully crafted HR management platform.


Insurance Services

Every business needs to have good coverage that will keep you from going under when disaster strikes. Your coverage needs to be affordable, accessible, and available to “high-risk” businesses.

Our partners are ready and waiting to work with businesses just like yours. From mandated worker’s compensation insurance to business income coverage without coinsurance, GBS has you covered.

Outdoor Advertising

Many marketing agencies take a “wide net” approach to advertising. They spread your budget across several channels, then constantly refine each strategy and hopefully get a return on ad spend (ROAS).

By specializing in the ad channel with the highest ROAS in your industry, GBS can launch a profitable campaign immediately. We know how to get in front of your audience with the right message to draw them in.

ERC for Cannabis Businesses

While cannabis businesses have been disallowed from most COVID-19 economic recovery packages, they can qualify for the COVID-19 Employment Retention Credit (ERC).

The ERC is classified as a payroll tax credit, a refundable tax credit to businesses that retained employees during the COVID-19 pandemic who meet certain qualifications like forced closed closures, business interruptions, or decline in gross receipts.

Customize a complete or supplemental solution for your business.

Our customers come to GBS for anything from a single outdoor advertising campaign to the complete establishment of their funding, payment processing, insurance, and advertising strategies. We take a consultative approach to your solution and work with you to customize a service plan that meets your needs within your budget.