Cannabis Friendly Banking

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Now available for licensed dispensaries, grows, and ancillary companies.




GBS offers banking services that traditional banks offer, but with more oversight & security. Manage your business with online bill pay, ACH, payroll, cash depository & logistics, eCheck, and online account management.



Our compliance program handles a full audit and compliance assessment of legacy cash and daily transactions. Daily currency transactions are monitored to ensure there are no red flags that will cause your account to be closed by the bank,



Insurance will depend on which member banking option is offered to you. Either your funds are FDIC insured or your money is protected & insured by one of the world’s most trusted specialist insurance providers.



Along with your GBS Advisor, you’ll also have an experienced team of banking liasons to help facilitate KYC due dilligence, site surveys, account boarding, revenue audits, compliance oversight, and daily operating transaction reporting.



One of the biggest problems plaguing the cannabis industry is a stable banking solution. Even with some local banks trying to help tackle the issue, many banks are withdrawing from accepting accounts or shutting down accounts altogether. GBS is at the forefront of the problem and offers several options through our private member banking network. GBS is a banking network consisting of various partners that abide by rigorous compliance standards. Those standards include BSA Compliance, FinCEN Guidelines, Cole Memo, SARs, and Know- Your-Customer (KYC) due dilligence. GBS Advisors and your designated banking liason team works together to transition your cannabis business from a cash only business to a safe and efficient operation.

Benefits & Features

Banking Services

Banking Services include a debit card, wire transfers, eCheck capabilities, ACH transfers, armored car cash logistics, vault services, secure online banking portal and compliance oversight monitoring.


All funds are insured by the FDIC. Legacy & daily deposited cash stays in local state. All funds are available upon deposit & issuance of Safe Keeping Receipt (SRK) or deposit voucher.

ACH Payments

Have the ability to connect bank accounts to third party services such as payroll services, online bill pay, ecommerce vendors, tax payments, or other services utilizing ACH options.

Check and Balance

In order to limit risk and stay compliant, for the first 90 days your banking concierge will monitor every transaction to validate legitimacy of incoming revenue. SAR indicators are activated to help manage risk & compliance.


As part of ongoing oversight, our teams work with your custodial bank, banking liasons, & cash depositories to keep accurate compliance records in order to meet BSA guidelines, FinCEN requirements, & other compliance-related requirements.

How to Join?

Boarding Process is EasySafeQuick

1. Initial Consult

An advisor will do a consult with the principals of the business. Discussions will include business infrastructure, banking needs, amount of legacy cash, current & forecast revenue, & program details.

2. Qualification & Application

Client will be provided with an application & qualification form packet. Submission will then be evaluated with banking liaison team. Mandatory documentation is discussed with client. Final KYC application is then completed. Upon passing qualification, Client profile is shared with banking network to find the best options.

3. Fees & Program

Program rates & fees, consulting fees, banking setup & details, are provided by the custodial bank. All initial fees are also collected to activate final approval process.

4. Due Diligence

GBS will help facilitate getting all formal documentation. We will help facilitate getting all formal documentation & records, schedule on-site surveys, interviews with principals, state license & regulatory checks, background checks, internal tax audits and legitimacy of legacy cash.

5. Approval & Seup

Once approved, your online banking dashboard will immediately be setup. Cash deposits will be scheduled for pick up by preferred armored cash logistics company. Cash deposits are made to local state depository & confirmed with a Cash Inventory Manifest or voucher.


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