Build your business an
unshakable foundation.

Safe Solutions for High-Risk Businesses

Your business deserves the best of the best.

In high-risk industries, you have to ensure that your service providers and partners are compliant, reliable, and ready to work with you as your business grows. For Guardian Banking Solutions, it’s all about trust and relationships with longevity.

We don’t offer passive solutions. We provide the fortified oversight and security your business needs to operate with minimal risk. From compliance to auditing and reporting, Guardian Banking Solutions is with you at every step to mitigate potential setbacks and protect your growth stages.

What are your business objectives?

Increase your

Outdoor advertising is the most effective form of advertising for producing online activity. Couple that with payment processing options that can increase your sales by 40%, and you’re looking at an explosive growth phase for your business.

Protect your

Protection is woven into every service we bring you, from the proprietary technology that identifies compliant advertising locations to the full-scale insurance coverage options, accessible funding, and secure payment processing.

Launch, expand, and succeed.

At Guardian Banking Solutions, you’ll find every last tool you’ll need to successfully launch and expand your high-risk company. Book a free consultation to discuss your unique needs with a qualified specialist today.

The Building Blocks of Success in the High-Risk Industry

Outdoor Advertising

Our marketing talents are solely specialized in outdoor advertising, the medium that brings in four times more online activity than any other. With an ROI of 2.8 and ad spend costs up to 30% less than market rates, can you afford not to advertise with Guardian?

Lending Services

Get the capital, financing, equipment, real estate, or line of credit you need to launch or expand your business the right way. Set yourself up for success with flexible terms, reasonable qualification standards, and funding in as few as two business days.

Payment Processing

By accepting credit, debit, and cryptocurrency payments at your physical location and online, you can increase sales by up to 40%. Receive your funds within 72 hours of the transactions. You’ll have access to 24-hour dedicated support to keep you in business.

Insurance Provision

Our partners offer an exhaustive range of coverage options for your high-risk business, including business income coverage without co-insurance. Whether you’re a startup or an established industry veteran, your business needs reliable protection.

Let’s talk about your goals.

1. Book a free consultation.

We’ll talk about your infrastructure, banking needs, legacy cash, current and forecasted revenue, and program details to determine what Guardian services – if any – will meet your needs and drive you toward your objectives.

2. Matched to a Bank.

Once we get to know you just a bit, we’ll facilitate a formal introduction to a partner bank that has a High-Risk program.

3. Qualify and apply.

Submit an application to the bank, who will help you with the required documentation. When your application is accepted, the bank will open your new business account.

4. Operating Competitively.

Once you have your bank account, you can operate competitively by offering your customers the payment processing solutions they demand or getting financing to grow. Let’s work together to determine which services will be best for your business.