Passive Income for Our Valued Referral Partners

Receive a generous revenue share for the life of your referred clients

Partnering with GBS is easy.

You’re in control of your partnership model. Throw us a client casually when the opportunity arises, or dedicate your time to establishing a significant passive income stream. Our generous payout structure gives you up to 50% revenue share for the entire life of the client. We’ll also provide you with a GBS email and marketing materials.
  • You don’t have to fill out an application.
  • Your dedicated referral manager will stick with you throughout our partnership.
  • Receive passive income for the entire life of your referrals.
  • Get a competitive buy rate on all of our services.
  • Take advantage of our ongoing promotions to drive sales and revenue.
  • You and your merchants will have access to a detailed reporting platform.
  • We’ll restrict competition from other GBS partners to protect your earnings.

Ready to get started?

There’s no complicated application process to wade through with GBS. Use the button below to book a quick call with us on Calendly. We’ll chat, get to know each other, and discuss this mutually beneficial opportunity.