Increase Sales By Up To 40%

Accept credit and debit cards at your retail location or delivery service

Retailers receive funds within 72 hours.

Be up and running in minutes with zero integrations and no new hardware. No apps to download – with the software running directly from the web.

Fully compliant with BSA, FINCEN, and Money transmitting laws.

Step by Step Process

Features & Benefits

Supported on all internet enabled devices including smartphones and tablets.

Minimize the risk of cash and increase safety.

Low, all-inclusive fee that can be passed to customer.

Dedicated support

Why Us

Our solution was painstakingly developed over a two year period with top tier attorney’s from DC and Tier 1 financial institutions to develop a service that won’t be shut down. We have spoken to members of the card associations to receive direct approval on a unique and proprietary methodology. The company has invested a significant amount of time and capital to ensure a solution that is fully compliant with all applicable laws. This solution has been founded by experienced technology executives and has a team of software professionals that have built software for large scale financial institutions.