Your employees are the most important part of your business

Payroll Processing

Transparent payroll suite designed for cannabis businesses
Comprehensive payroll suite that enables efficient and swift processing and ensures full transparency for your cannabis-related business. Connect with the right partners and get the resources you need to boost the success of your cannabis-related business. Outsource your payroll to us and enjoy a full range of streamlined management solutions.

Human Resources

Mitigate risks and meet requirements with our carefully crafted HR management platform.
Our HR Management Platform: the ideal solution for your growing business
Our HR management platform is designed to evolve with you as your business grows by providing different levels of services when you need them. Effectively and successfully find, hire and retain better employees at no extra strain using our background screening option.
Get a dedicated HR consultant, known as an HR business partner (HR BP), that you can ask questions to or bounce ideas off of at a fraction of the cost of a normal HR professional; their goal is to help you establish effective HR practices and policies within your company, hires and terminations, offer letters, job descriptions, employee handbooks, policies, training, scheduling, designing work structures and more.
They can help you with your tactical, day-to-day operations, as well as your strategic, long-term goals. Having an expert HR BP as your single source of contact for HR issues is the key to protecting and growing your business.

Benefits and Workers’ Comp

Benefits Solutions

Workers’ Comp

In most states, workers’ compensation is necessary insurance that is directly related to payroll ages and class codes. Workers’ comp carriers perform audits on an annual basis to ensure that you have reported accurate payroll wages for the year; if the carriers discover that more wages were paid than originally quoted, your business is responsible for paying the difference. This usually comes as a surprise to the business owner and can be a large amount of money.

We help you avoid hefty and unexpected payments and tedious audits by offering “pay as you go” options and robust workers’ comp reports to help support any audits that do arise. We can partner with your local insurance agents so that together, we can streamline your process and prevent these hefty audits.