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Building Banking Solutions for High-Risk Merchants Since 2017

Let’s level the playing field.

The simple fact is that high-risk merchants like those in the High-Risk industry require different banking solutions to overcome stigmatic and legislative hurdles. You deserve as much of a chance to watch your business bloom as any other industry. We’re standing by with the tools to make it happen.

A Bit About GBS

GBS was officially founded in 2017 to provide banking solutions for the High-Risk industry. It started as a basic sourcing service, finding bank accounts for merchants through safe and compliant practices.

We continued to discover hurdles that prevented otherwise healthy businesses from accessing the resources they needed to grow into stable companies. Since then, we’ve expanded our service offerings and network to include lending services, payment solutions, and insurance services.

Our most successful endeavor to date has been the institution of our generous referral program. By overdelivering and racking up a slew of happy, ongoing clients, we were able to generate extensive organic growth. For us, it’s the personal touch of a friendly referral that makes a difference in an industry where businesses are often taken advantage of or offered deceptive and harmful solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to discover and curate leading business solution partners for our high-risk industry merchants and combine those solutions with our specialized monitoring and risk mitigation expertise.

Why outdoor advertising?

With all the digital advertising opportunities out there today, not to mention the dramatic increase in online commerce over the past few years, why would we choose to focus on such a seemingly outdated mode of marketing?

Outdoor advertising, despite its longevity, is still the most effective form of advertising for generating online activity. That means that if you have a web presence, particularly e-commerce capabilities, you can bring in four times more traffic with outdoor advertising than other methods.

And if you don’t have e-commerce capabilities, GBS payment processing solutions can help with that.